22 Nov 2016

Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel introduces unique Siam 2482 spa treatment

In celebration of Thailand’s captivating history, Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel has shed light on the signature 90-minute Siam 2482 treatment, which is now offered at its tranquil spa.

Exclusive to the property, the luxurious therapy is inspired by the renaming of the country from Siam to Thailand. In commemoration of this, Anantara Spa has developed a signature massage treatment that reflects the cultural fusion of that time, making use of healing traditions from Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and China. 

Four unique massaging techniques guarantee a blissful journey of ultimate relaxation. Bamboo sticks are used to invigorate the circulation, while stretching and pressure point techniques enhance flexibility and energy flow. The treatment also entails eight herbal compresses, each wrapped in a fabric of healing indigo to soothe tension, aches and pains, and concludes with foot reflexology, which promotes overall wellness by stimulating reflex zones on the feet that correspond with organs in the upper body. 

The Siam 2482 treatment additionally makes use of Anantara Divine Peace Detoxifying Massage Oil, which assists with combating stress, detoxifying the body with juniper, lemongrass and lemon oils, and nourishing the skin with sweet almond and sesame oils. 

The luxurious treatment concludes with a mindfulness ritual. Two gold leaf patches are placed on the wish area of the left arm and left side of the chest to encourage a quiet, peaceful state of mind.