21 Jul 2015

Crystal Cruises: pioneering new areas of luxury travel

Crystal Cruises is pushing itself to the forefront of the luxury cruising game with the recent announcement revealing that over the following three years new ships will be introduced into its fleet, establishing three new classes of cruising, while the master of luxury will also be investing in its very own Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, taking the Crystal experience to the skies. 

“We continue to think bigger, aiming to create unparalleled luxury experiences and adventures for our loyal and new guests, who – like Crystal – continue to seek broader horizons and new perspectives on the world,” enthused Edie Rodriguez, president and CEO, Crystal Cruises. 

We are ecstatic to continue pioneering new areas of luxury travel. Crystal’s newly expanded fleet will truly be travellers’ passport to virtually the entire world.

In December of this year, Crystal Esprit is scheduled to embark on its maiden voyage, representing the first expansion of the Cruise specialist’s fleet.  

Delivered by Genting Hong Kong, the vessel has been reimagined to reflect Crystal Cruises’ spectacular identity. The beautifully appointed, all-suite yacht can accommodate 62 guests and will feature opulent finished and state-of-the-art technology. 

Adding to this, Crystal Esprit will offer a number of extreme features including a two-passenger submarine, four 10-passenger zodiacs and a 12-passenger super yacht tender for special boating adventures. Guests can also opt for water skis, wake boards, kayaks, jet skis, fishing, scuba and snorkel equipment.

The new vessel additionally represents the start of Crystal Cruises’ all-inclusive Crystal Yacht Cruises programme, which will sail regional, warm-water itineraries of seven days and offer experiences on water and ashore.

 Moreover, in the spring of 2017, the luxury cruise specialist will introduce Crystal River Cruises, offering meticulously curated itineraries, spacious suites, an all-inclusive Crystal experience, six-star service, world-class dining and enriching shore-side adventures.  

And finally, the cherry on the cake for the year 2017; Crystal Cruises will be officially launching Crystal Luxury Air. This entails extravagant, highly exclusive around-the-world trips on a twin-aisle Boeing 787 Dreamliner. 

Normally able to accommodate 300 passengers, the Crystal Cruises aircraft will be equipped to fly 60 guests in fully reclining business class seats to various destinations to which major airlines do not offer nonstop services. Those indulging in this once in a lifetime experience will enjoy a 28-day itinerary and will visit 10-12 destinations, with accommodations at some of the world’s most exclusive hotels and resorts; delectable cuisine prepared by celebrity chefs inspired by the destination; and unique cultural entertainment.

Moving on, Crystal Cruises will be focusing its attention back to the seas with three new Crystal Exclusive Class cruise ships. The first is expected to be delivered in late 2018. With the introduction of these new vessels, Crystal Cruises will deliver expedition-capable ships with all the signature features and amenities of a luxury ship or private yacht. 

Last but not least, aboard these new ships Crystal Cruises will be introducing Crystal Residences. Situated on the top deck of the new vessels will be 48 stunning homes, boasting their own private restaurant, reception and facilities, as well as high ceilings.