25 May 2016

Al Basel Consultancy adopts three new luxury yachts

In gear to offer the ultimate in premium services to its discerning clients, the high-end Al Basel Consultancy, a member of the Al Basel Group of Companies, has announced the leasing of three new luxury yachts, which are currently harboured in glamorous Monaco.

Al Basel Consultancy’s three new yachts will offered on a charter/rental basis to high-end clients from the Middle East and nearby Asia. 

The 2013 UK model yacht measures at a length of 85.1m and comprises of eight cabins, seven of which are double cabins and one of which is a twin cabin. It can accommodate 12 guests and a 29-man crew. Meanwhile, the unforgettable yachting experience will be led by a highly experienced British Captain. 

The 72.4m Greece 2015 model yacht boasts 15 double cabins that can accommodate 30 guests. The vessel is equipped for a 31-man crew and is navigated by an experienced Greek captain. 

Finally, the Malta 2013 model yacht, spanning 72m, has 12 cabins. It can accommodate 24 guests, a 20-man crew and is led by an experienced Maltese captain.

Basel Al Kasem, founder and CEO, Al Basel Group enthused on the news: “We are proud to announce that Al Basel has recently leased three new yachts and have now started to offer these vessels for chartering. These truly world class yachts will give our customers the potential opportunity of seeing the beauty and wonders of our waters—spending a day out in the ocean to fish, swim and relax under the sun. The move complements our strategic roadmap towards expanding our presence in the region’s thriving tourism market.” 

The luxurious yachts offer key amenities such as air conditioning, a deck Jacuzzi, an indoor elevator, a gym with exercise equipment, stabilisers and WiFi connectivity. 

Al Basel Consultancy aims to promote these stunning yachts to those wishing to attend the upcoming F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi and the Monaco Grand Prix.