05 Jul 2018

Upcoming Al Seef Hotel by Jumeirah to deliver enchanting Arabian hospitality

Those yearning to experience true Arabian hospitality in Dubai need look no further, as the splendidly authentic Al Seef Hotel by Jumeirah is gearing up to open its doors this September.

Al Seef Hotel by Jumeirah graces the banks of Dubai Creek and features 200 beautifully appointed rooms spread across 22 traditionally designed Arabic ‘Bayt’ (homes). 

Boasting accommodation like no other, the entire hotel is a journey through captivating Middle Eastern culture, setting the tone with detailed Arabian woven fabrics, wooden beams, rustic ceilings and rough plastered walls inspired by traditional building techniques.

The Arabian fairytale feel of the property is further elevated by large windows with traditional wooden panels, offering views down onto the winding outdoor corridors of the ground floor souk and the waters of the creek. The colour scheme further pays homage to the vibrant culture, with rich blues inspired by waters, soothing beiges mimicking the desert sands and soft green tones of Dubai’s flora, interspersed with colourful flashes of reds, turquoises and yellows.   

Al Seef Hotel by Jumeirah forms part of the second phase of Al Seef – Meraas’ new district of restaurants, cafes, shops and plazas, situated on a two-kilometre promenade on the south bank of the creek. 

 The 22 spectacular homes are located in small clusters of two to three buildings joined by a bridge that provides a walkway above the souk. The design of the twin- and king-bed guestrooms mirrors the UAE’s culture, with authentically aged materials that mimic rustic facades and interiors that reflect an age of pearl diving, trading and crafts.

“Huge attention has been given to the design of the rooms and courtyards to ensure our guests are immersed in the spirit of the past and, for the time they stay with us, feel worlds away from the pace of modern life,” said Alessandro Cabella, general manager, Jumeirah Group. “By having the 200 rooms spread over 22 separated buildings, areas of personal peace are created, so it will feel like staying in someone’s home.” 

He continued: “With Al Seef Hotel by Jumeirah, we will create an unforgettable experience – combining the warmth of Arabian hospitality with a backdrop of local heritage and architecture. The property pays homage to the age-old days of the region, offering a relaxing choice for inquisitive, quality-conscious travellers, who appreciate authenticity and enjoy the experiences that uniquely designed spaces offer as an insight to local history.”