18 Oct 2017

Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa Lausanne in Switzerland enchants GCC travellers

Standing proud in one of the world’s most coveted winter destinations, Switzerland’s Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa Lausanne is a highly popular choice among the GCC’s elite travellers, with 15.52 per cent of its room nights being booked by guests from the region. 

This lavish Swiss property, an integral part of the Bürgenstock Selection, opened its golden doors in 2016, after an extensive renovation, restoration and expansion project, valued at an impressive $103 million. 

Switzerland’s unmatched popularity among discerning GCC travellers accounted for 163,289 arrivals from January to July this year, an increase of 4.1 per cent on the previous year. Over the same period this year, the market brought forth 431,959 overnight stays, up 1.6 per cent on 2016, with the average length of stay being 2.6 days. 

Alain Kropf, general manager, Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa Lausanne remarked: “There are 11 daily flights alone from Dubai to Zurich. Another five flights come in from Abu Dhabi and 13 come from Riyadh. So, it comes as no surprise that Switzerland is a popular destination for Middle East travellers due to the ease of access. Many of our GCC guests commented that they were happy to swap the stifling heat and humidity for the picturesque Swiss countryside, fresh air and outdoor lifestyle.”

Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa Lausanne continues to enchant GCC travellers with its outstanding amenities, including interconnecting rooms and suites, with the option of a private kitchen; 30 Arabic television channels available in the rooms; a delectable halal menu on offer; and a ladies’ only area at the exquisite Spa du Royal.

The city of Lausanne, a glimmering jewel perched on the banks of the glorious Lake Geneva, is home to the International Olympic Committee headquarters, as well as the Olympic Museum and lakeshore Olympic Park.