24 Jan 2019

KSA takes a step towards tourism industry domination with Red Sea Project approval

The Red Sea Development Company’s (TRSDC) monumental Red Sea Project in Saudi Arabia has officially been approved by the Board of Directors. 

TRSDC, the developer of one of the world’s most ambitious tourism projects, has partnered with WATG and Buro Happold for the game-changing project, which features design concepts from the world’s most acclaimed architects. 

Upon the conclusion of the first phase of The Red Sea Project in 2022, a total of 14 luxury and hyper-luxury hotels that will collectively provide an impressive 3,000 rooms across five islands and two inland resorts, will come to life. Phase one of construction will also entail yacht marinas, leisure and lifestyle amenities of all shapes and sizes, as well as an airport. 

The Red Sea Project is an integral component in Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 strategy. It is expected to create up to 70,000 new jobs and contribute as a much as $5.3 billion to the nation’s GDP.

TRSDC will not compromise any aspect of this spectacular ecologically sensitive area. The company has worked closely with experts to conduct comprehensive environmental studies, ensuring that the area is fully protected during and after development. The final master plan, which preserves some 75 per cent of the destination’s islands for conservation and designates nine islands as sites of significant ecological value, required several redesigns throughout the process to avoid potentially disrupting species native to the area.

Sharing his opinion on the ground-breaking project was John Pagano, CEO, TRSDC: “The design concepts that we have presented to the Board will provide visitors with a uniquely diverse, immersive experience, while setting new standards in sustainable development and positioning Saudi Arabia on the global tourism map.”

He continued: “With the master plan approved, we are now identifying investors and partners who are interested in working with us on realising the objectives of the project and who share our commitment to enhance, not exploit, the natural ecosystems that make the destination so unique.”

The Red Sea Project will be fully completed in 2030. The approved master plan will steer the development of 22 of the 90+ islands at the destination, providing up to 10,000 hotel rooms across picturesque island resorts, mountain retreats and desert hideaways. The destination will also offer state-of-the-art luxury residential properties and a wide range of commercial, retail and recreational facilities.