31 May 2019

InterContinental Hotel Muscat: Refining a hospitality superstar

A firm favourite among upscale travellers visiting the culture-fuelled Sultanate of Oman, InterContinental Hotel Muscat has officially completed the first phase of its renovations, which were led by OMRAN in partnership with the hotel.

The property aims to evolve to cater to the needs of the modern-day traveller. Phase one of the transformation entailed the reimagination of rooms, and now, a total of 80 keys have been completely upgraded to feature calming turquoise overtones and velvet accents. They expertly reflect charming Omani heritage, while effortlessly combining modern elements, ensuring that the guest experience is unforgettable. 

The rooms are equipped with a system that controls lighting and room temperature, ensuring that visitors are comfortable and have full control over their rooms.

“OMRAN’s InterContinental Muscat has been an integral part of the capital’s social and business life for the past 40 years. Being the very first international hotel to open in the country, we are committed to making sure that this hotel retains its premier market position by investing in renovations and upgrades for both the interior and exterior,” said Peter Walichnowski, CEO, OMRAN.

“The upgrade programme will be executed over a number of years so that customers will not be inconvenienced and will ensure a smooth transition from old to new. This urban regeneration project is also needed to make sure that the InterContinental hotel integrates properly with the high-quality projects that have just been completed next to it, including the Royal Opera House Muscat expansion and OMRAN’s new W Muscat Hotel,” Walichnowski added. 

Meanwhile, Thierry Perrot, regional general manager, InterContinental Hotels Group Oman elucidated: “InterContinental Muscat continues to reinvent itself for the needs of today’s travellers with these series of room enhancements. The hotel was thoughtfully redesigned with today’s modern travellers in mind and a reflection of the country’s standing as a world-class destination complemented by the Omani hospitality and heritage.”

Other recent improvements at the five-star property include the new porte-cochere, the new Concierge Lounge and Tr. Eat Café.