08 Sep 2016

Special menus adopted by Emirates Airline aboard Japan flights

On a mission to tantalise taste buds in the sky while simultaneously offering a taste of Japanese culture, Emirates Airline has shed light on a new Japanese menu offered on flights from Dubai to Haneda, Narita, and Kansai airports in Japan and back, exclusively for first class and business class passengers.

Having joined forces with Japanese local caterer, Gate Gourmet Japan, Emirates Airline has made use of the very freshest, high-quality ingredients to satisfy any palate.

First class passengers on flights to and from Japan can now relish in traditional Kaiseki (multi-course meal) cuisine. The culinary experience brings forth five courses made up of cold appetisers, a hot dish, flavoured rice, pickled vegetables and miso soup. The meal concludes with a serving of wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets enjoyed with green tea). 

Meanwhile, travellers in business class are also treated to a delectable meal, which arrives in the form of a bento box, presented in an upscale Japanese catering manner. Bento is the art of arranging one’s lunch in Japan, and goes back over a thousand years. 

Ensuring that it offers a genuinely authentic Japanese dining experience aboard its flights to and from Japan, Emirates Airline has joined forces with Japanese tableware maker, Noritake. The company has exclusively developed tableware designs for the new menus based on the concept of ‘miyabi’, meaning elegance or refinement.