15 Jan 2014

Livingstone’s Adventure Bakota Sky helicopters Flight of Angels, Victoria Falls, Zambia

During a work trip in which I was invited as a delegate to the UNWTO 20th General Assembly in Zambia and Zimbabwe, I was fortunate enough to be rewarded with a helicopter excursion over the breathtaking panorama of the natural marvel, Victoria Falls. Also known as Mosi-oa-Tunya, meaning the ‘Smoke that Thunders’, the waterfall straddles both Zambia and Zimbabwe as part of the Zambezi river and is reportedly the largest waterfall in the world.

Mesmerising heights

This exhilarating helicopter experience was undoubtedly the highlight of my trip. Although I had already encountered and paid homage to the impressive waterfalls in the national park on both the Zambia and Zimbabwe sides, this did not prepare me for the even more mesmerising glimpse provided from above by Bakota Sky helicopters at the Livingstone’s Adventure in Zambia.

The helicopter could seat five passengers plus the pilot. Once we were on board the craft, we covered our ears with headphones to block out the noise and to hear the pilot’s commentary on proceedings. 

We lifted off effortlessly, the craft entering into a sprightly dance above the chasm, to reveal the epic waterfall frothing and cascading white rivulets of water below. The gorge was framed by lush greenery with the occasional giraffe and elephant visible, grazing and seemingly unaware of us cruising past them. 

The waterfall’s dramatic thick fractures in the earth erupted with dark blue water, with the Zambezi river snaking across the rugged, red African planes. As if this vista were not captivating enough, several rainbows conjured by the natural phenomenon bounced across the waterfall, vibrantly shimmering below us.

Speechless, during the 15 minute flight, I took photographs and smiled continuously at this irresistible, majestic natural display.

By: Naomi Leach