24 Nov 2016

Tarek Bekhiet, regional director of marketing, Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh

With the KSA working towards the Saudi Vision 2030, the nature of the country’s hospitality industry is becoming more competitive. Speaking exclusively to Tatiana Tsierkezou, Tarek Bekhiet, regional director of marketing, Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh shares the measures taken to ensure the illustrious property stays ahead of the game.

TTG: In recent months, Saudi Arabia has witnessed a boom in hotel openings. How is this directly impacting your stunning property and what are you doing to ensure that it’s at the forefront of the KSA’s luxury hospitality portfolio?

[With] the opening of more hotels within the city of Riyadh, there has been a sudden increase in competition, which we believe creates a healthy competitive environment. It challenges us to push our limits of creativity and seek more innovative strategies to excel in the market. 

With this increase in supply you need to always be ahead of yourself and think of the best ways to retain every guest and transform them into loyal customers. You need to leverage your competitive advantage to stand out and differentiate your hotel. I think the best way to do so is by first truly understanding each and every one of your guests and personalising your service to fit them. Guest recognition really sets your hotel apart. 

You also need to create constant awareness of your brand and its offerings, and seek to reach top of mind awareness in the industry. This takes a lot of planning and a highly qualified team to support and implement the planned strategies. 

It is important to note also that this increase in supply or wide availability in options has changed the average consumer. Guests have become more aware and exposed to many service options making them more meticulous. They have high expectations driven by their experience and also their exposure to digital media communications. Now, they can easily check and compare all available offers online all at once. 

TTG: Why are people visiting Riyadh and what are their demands?

In general, visitors travel to Riyadh for business; they need comfort and quick service. They appreciate a quick and easy process starting from the airport pickup to arrival and check-in, as they usually have limited time. 

They also look for a hotel with meeting and conference rooms and facilities, and also require a hotel that is quiet for meetings or for unwinding after a long stressful day. The location of the hotel also matters as they would prefer to stay in a place close to the business centre. All these attributes are available at our hotel and distinguishes us from other hotels in the city. 

TTG: What is new in the world of Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh?

We recently refurbished the male Spa & Wellness Center facilities at the Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh. The refurbishments included a new relaxation area, a new locker room for treatment guests, a locker room for members of the hotel’s health club and seven treatment rooms that have been completely renovated by GA Design International. 

Of the most notable enhancements is the new décor with warm natural earth tones throughout the relaxation area and treatment rooms, creating a cohesive and soothing ambiance for rejuvenation. We are truly committed to consistently ensuring our guests enjoy the best possible experience when visiting any of our facilities.  

The Spa team also always works hardly to put together an array of relaxing new treatments from world-renowned product lines; all practiced by skillful Four Seasons Spa therapists.

TTG: And finally, why should travellers select Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh as their hotel of choice?

Our personalised service makes business travellers feel like they are at their home-away-from-home. In addition, local guests also enjoy the relaxing ambiance and privacy. We have a women’s only floor that transforms our upper-most floor into a sanctuary for women. It includes a luxurious lounge, a state-of-the art gym and an express check-in service that is completely managed by a team of experienced female staff who embody a depth of reliability and trust, allowing them to build a personal connection with female guests. 

Overall we have many additional differentiating points that make us stand out and continue being the preferred option in the city. 

We will continue to focus on corporate and business guests for the weekdays and local in-country guests for the weekends.