31 Jan 2014

Omar Awad, general manager, Zubarah Boutique Hotel

Omar Awad, general manager, Zubarah Boutique Hotel, Qatar, exclusively shares with Natalie Hami his thoughts and opinions on providing unique experiences to high-end clientele and tantalising each of the five senses in a very special way, both within the property, and out.

TTG: With the concept of luxury travel experiences ever changing, how are you constantly enhancing the MENA luxury traveller’s experience to reflect their indulgences and interests?

We are proud to introduce a new hospitality concept defined by the Qatari culture. The hotel embodies a distinct identity and offers personalised experiences through cultural exchange, an exceptional ‘sense of place’ and historic Qatar accents.

We are keen to ensure all guests’ requirements are fulfilled through our up-to-date technology and hotel amenities as well as personalised service.

Our inter-department communication processes also allow us to stay up-to-date with guest preferences and requests, ensuring all members of staff are aware of each and every guests needs, allowing us to pre-empt requests wherever possible.

TTG: Please define what you believe experiential travel to be?

From the moment guests enter Zubarah Boutique Hotel their senses are captivated by the beautiful décor accented by Qatari design embellishments, music depicting Qatari culture, the smell of Qatari Bakhour, a taste of Arabic coffee served in a traditional Dalla and the Arabic MRECH filled with rose water.

The eye-catching Arabic design combined with modern living amenities provide a home away from home where our Qatari guests as well as our international guests can experience the local culture, food and attractions of Qatar while still exploring the city they are visiting.

TTG: How is Zubarah Boutique Hotel being creative in developing unique experiential concepts for its discerning clientele?

Our E-butler service ensures single point contact from the time of first call and booking until the guest arrives at the hotel. In addition to providing personalised services by our in-house butler, we offer customised packages and tours based on guest’s interests whether it is food, art, shopping, health and wellness or historic attractions.

We make note of special occasions, anniversaries and birthdays so that we can ensure they are celebrated with the guests.

Local Qatari cuisine as well as authentic Arabic fusion cuisine and a unique Argentinian fine dining restaurant are also on offer for our guests. Guests also have access to our Qatar inspired holistic spa and fitness centre.

TTG: What trends are you witnessing within the Qatari luxury travel segment?

In Qatar, the luxury travel segment is highly competitive with many luxury hotel brands. Through the support of the MICE industry and Qatar Tourism Authority, we are seeing a great demand for luxury business travel where business travellers are looking for specialised services to cater to their demanding schedules.

Our boutique hotel has a fully equipped meeting room, free Wi-Fi provided throughout the hotel and in room business technology to manage guests’ needs.