28 Dec 2015

Markus Iseli, managing director, Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort Kaplankaya

With renowned US-based wellness retreat Canyon Ranch opening its first resort in Turkey in mid-2016, Markus Iseli, managing director, Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort Kaplankaya speaks with Panayiotis Markides about what guests can expect of the luxury property.

TTG: Tell our readers a little about Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort Kaplankaya. 

Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort at Kaplankaya is the anchor brand of the new Kaplankaya development, located on the spectacular Turkish Riviera, near the city of Bodrum on the Aegean coast. It is the first international venue for Canyon Ranch. 

Canyon Ranch is the world’s most respected name in wellness tourism with multiple destination resorts across America and now this vibrant, future-forward resort, designed by the Office of Architecture in Barcelona, will bring the Canyon Ranch philosophy of healthy-living to Europe with a host of facilities and amenities. 

TTG: How does the property promote wellness to its guests?

Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort at Kaplankaya will offer its guests unrivalled access to the very best in health and holistic wellbeing, from the 9,940m2 spa, fitness and wellness centre, offering  a truly integrative approach to optimal wellness through facilities such as a skincare treatment centre, salon, gymnasium, spa and health and healing programming, to the highly credentialed wellness professionals such as physicians, nutritionists and exercise physiologists that will offer tailored individual services and packages.

TTG: What separates Canyon Ranch’s wellness offerings from similar wellness resorts?

There are no other wellness resorts on the same level as Canyon Ranch. Canyon Ranch has nearly 40 years of experience in helping guests achieve and maintain a healthier way of life through their integrated approach to wellbeing. The luxurious accommodations coupled with the facilities available at Canyon Ranch properties, including the range of activities, is unrivalled.

There are no other wellness resorts on the same level as Canyon Ranch.

TTG: What is the profile of guest you are aiming to attract?

Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort at Kaplankaya, as with all Canyon Ranch resorts, is open and available to everyone. Whether you are interested in weight loss, stress reduction, fitness or simply want a luxury vacation centered on rest and relaxation, we pride ourselves on offering something for every requirement. 

At this new resort, the spa, fitness and wellness centre along with the main hotel areas, dining facilities and pools are open to guests 14 years and older. However, that’s not to say we do not welcome guests with children below this age, for those with younger children are invited to lodge within the resort villas or private homes, each of which comes with its own pool. 

Additionally, the Children’s Family Centre will offer instructor facilitated healthy living activities and programming for children including kid’s yoga, dance and stretch classes, hands-on cooking/baking, organic gardening, pool games and beach activities.

TTG: How are you marketing the property to this guest profile?

We are lucky that the name Canyon Ranch already carries certain credibility within our target market. We are looking to attract new clientele, especially to our brand new resort in Turkey through strategic communications in and around the region.

TTG: What feeder markets are you aiming to attract to the property? Is the MENA market important?

Of course, the MENA market is one of, if not the key market for Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort at Kaplankaya. The location of the resort is easily accessible from the surrounding countries and its proximity to the historic town of Bodrum makes it an ideal spot for a long or a short vacation.

TTG: Canyon Ranch is originally from the US – what made Turkey a perfect location for a new property?

In short, the incredible natural beauty of the South Aegean coast coupled with the rich culture and history of the region which are the perfect complement to the Canyon Ranch holistic wellness and life-enhancement philosophy.

This unique location is nestled between both Europe and Asia, the meeting point between western and eastern philosophies. In fact, there is a 5,000 year history of healing and wellness in this specific area. 

Of course, there is also the economic factor that by 2021 the Turkish Ministry of Health expects health-related tourism to grow to $20 billion; and Turkey is in fact the sixth most popular tourist destination in the world.