31 Jan 2017

Kapil Chopra, president, The Oberoi Group

Kapil Chopra, president, The Oberoi Group exclusively speaks to menaluxury about the bespoke and authentic opportunities available to those wishing to visit vibrant India on an unlimited budget.

TTG: How does The Oberoi Group cater to the growing demands of upscale travellers in search of adventure on an unlimited budget?

At The Oberoi Group, it is our responsibility and a constant endeavour to create and deliver distinctive experiences that exceed the expectations of our guests and ensure that they continue to be our ambassadors.  

Keeping in mind the growing demands of the Millennial traveller, we have an extremely popular programme called 'Exotic Vacations’. It is an itinerary based programme that allows travellers to experience India in complete luxury with the legendary hospitality of the award winning Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, while exploring the rich cultural heritage of India.

The exotic vacation itinerary can start from six nights and usually goes up to 12 nights or more. All a guest needs to do is to call our toll free number and our experienced travel specialists will assist in customising an itinerary to suit the personal requirement of a guest.

Our luxury travel planners know India intimately. They also know how to design an unforgettable Indian experience that's uniquely yours. This is further aided by a special section on our website which is called ‘Experiences’, that are unique to every city and hotel.

With our extensive knowledge of the country's quintessential destinations, holidays in India with Oberoi Exotic Vacations are altogether a more authentic affair. A seamless itinerary, tailored to guest preferences, allows guests to experience India while staying in comfort at some of the world's most remarkable hotels. Every detail is addressed, from road transfers and connecting flights to spa appointments and dietary preferences, leaving the guest to enjoy the journey of a lifetime.

TTG:  What exciting experiences can you offer leisure travellers within your hotels as well as outside?

At The Oberoi Group, we believe in order to create lasting memories, it is important to ensure that each and every guest experience is uniquely meaningful and personalised.  The key to doing this is to actively listen to the guests, be sensitive to the stated and unstated needs, and customise our service accordingly.

In order to cater to the growing needs of both the Millennial and leisure traveller, Oberoi Hotels & Resorts offers various unique 'Oberoi Experiences' which give guests the opportunity to savour splendid surroundings, luxurious interiors, personalised service and an ambience that is certain to create memorable moments for a lifetime. These experiences range from romance, wellness, adventure, family, culture, cuisine and much more based on guest preferences and interests.

A few experiences that are very popular with the guests visiting our hotels are:
SUNSET AT NAILA FORT: Travel through the countryside of Jaipur in a luxury chauffeur driven car. Sip on high tea or cocktails and watch the sun go down, with the one you love, beside the magnificently restored 18th century Naila fort which is situated on a hill overlooking the city of Jaipur.

COOK WITH THE CHEF: Culinary enthusiasts will enjoy a tour of our exquisite kitchen garden, followed by a connoisseur's guide to spice and a demonstration of local Rajasthani cuisine, by one of our master chefs. Guests are invited to participate in an interactive cooking session, or sit back and enjoy a meal of specially curated dishes from our kitchen.

PRIVATE YOGA SESSIONS: Experience a journey of wellbeing with a yoga and meditation session held in the serene environ of our hotels and resorts. Our private yoga sessions can be tailored to suit guests of all age groups, with any level of experience. According to individual needs, our expert instructors teach breathing and meditation techniques, stretching, yoga postures and Sanskrit mantras that help rejuvenate the body and mind.

AARTI PUJA CEREMONY: Experience a traditional 'aarti', the Hindu ritual of offering prayers by fire, at our 18th century Lord Shiva temple. Nestled within a pond within the hotel and reached by bridge across a beautiful lily pond, the temple is an indescribably tranquil location for guests to experience this traditional ceremony. The experience is offered at The Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur.

DINNER UNDER THE STARS: Guests can experience a romantic star-lit dinner beside the cascading waterbodies that enchant our private poolside pavilions beside the romantic shadow of the Taj Mahal in Agra. Guests can savour a bespoke four course menu, specially crafted by the master chefs and served by a dedicated waiter.

TTG: How do you ensure that your luxury offering is constantly enhanced to meet the demands of premium travellers?

Our organisational culture is founded on the principles of being authentic and genuine.  Experiences are designed so that our guests develop an everlasting bond not only with Oberoi Hotels &Resorts but the destination they are in. Listening actively to our guests allows us to refresh and update our hotels and services, thereby ensuring that we go above and beyond their expectations in everything that we do.

TTG: Tell us your most recent, exciting news.

The Oberoi Sukhvilas Resort & Spa, Siswan Forest Range, New Chandigarh opened in December 2016.  
The Oberoi Group is slated to open two hotels in 2017: The Oberoi Beach Resort, Al Zorah and The Oberoi Marrakech, Morocco.