05 Feb 2014

Elena Kim-Regelmann, sales and marketing director, D-Hotel Maris

A perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, D-Hotel Maris, a charming property situated in the picturesque reservation area of the Datca Peninsula, is one of Turkey’s most cherished properties, providing only the very best in high-end services.

Commenting on this to Natalie Hami, was Elena Kim-Regelmann, sales and marketing director, D-Hotel Maris, who exclusively outlined the needs of the contemporary luxury traveller and the steps that D-Hotel Maris has taken to better cater to them.

TTG: How is Turkey meeting the needs of the discerning luxury traveller?

We are very happy to acknowledge that Turkey understands the potential growth for luxury travellers and in the past few years we have seen that many international luxury hotel chains have considered openings in Turkey. We all know that luxury travellers prioritise the brands they know because they tend to travel around the world and stay with those hotels.

Luxury tavellers nowadays look forward to the experiences that suit their needs, which are customised and might not be found in other countries. We, at D-Hotel Maris, study the preferences, and after understanding the demand for certain services, we make sure we implement or improve these to accommodate the needs of our guests.

It is important to listen to what guests need. Some seek cultural tours; some seek yacht charters and wish to explore Turkey by sea; and for some, it is important to get to the resort in shortest time possible.

TTG: How is your own business investing in the luxury travel segment and its discerning travellers?

D-Hotel Maris studies the needs of its guests and makes sure, where possible, that the services requested are provided.

We create individual packages according to the needs and requirements of each guest. Exclusivity and custom-made details are the main attributes of luxury vacation.

Since the hotel opened, we invested in our air and water fleet. We now offer our guests helicopter or seaplane transfers to and from the airport. Our guests have an opportunity to rent or charter luxury yachts which belong to the hotel. We also invest in our employees to make sure we are all well trained and knowledgeable, and speak English.

TTG: Are you capitalising on the MENA market?

Yes, year-by-year, following our opening in 2012, we have become more active on the MENA market front. We understand the importance of getting to know our partners face-to-face and that is the main reason we travel to Middle Eastern countries a couple of times a year.

By listening to our partners and our guests, we make sure that MENA guests’ experiences are customised to their needs, whether that is food preferences, rooms preferences, transfer options or entertainment activities on land or sea.

We offer guests helicopter or seaplane transfers accompanied with fast track services at the airport, butler services when renting the villa or presidential suite, rental of the luxurious yachts to explore the amazing nature which surrounds the resort, and last but not least, we surround our guests with undivided attention and make sure they feel at home.