16 Jan 2014

The significance of social media by Crescentrating

With the world of technology ever-evolving and gadgets, tablets and mobile phones integrating themselves into almost every aspect of the contemporary premium traveller’s life, social media is rapidly becoming a fundamental tool in the shape-shifting world of hospitality. Dany Bolduc, chief operating officer, Crescentrating – experts in Muslim travel, shares with MENA Luxury his insight and opinions on social media.


"Used properly, social media enables companies to better understand their customers’ needs and wants, and to help monitor customer satisfaction. It can also be an effective marketing platform to build your brand and demonstrate industry leadership to a wider audience.”


“An effective social media strategy starts with understanding:

a) Who your target audience is.

b) Their interests – so that you can create compelling content.

c) The channels to engage them through. 

You also need to be clear with your goals and you must have a voice. We have both a business audience (from the travel and tourism industry) via Crescentrating, and a consumer audience (Muslim travellers) via HalalTrip. While there is overlap, we tend to use LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ for the travel industry; Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for consumer travellers.”


“Relationships take time – and this also applies to developing a connection with people online. We’re going to continue refining and improving how we engage with our business and consumer audiences. Halal Travel is an exciting and emerging market that’s relevant to almost 25 per cent of the world’s population. We have a lot to talk about…”