14 Jan 2014

App review - Shop Chic by Chic Outlet Shopping

What more could you need to enhance your shopping experience when visiting one of Value Retail's Chic Outlet Shopping villages?

You have your exclusive, branded shops, your extremely vast variety of culinary delights to select from... but what is it that takes your shopping experience that one step further?

Chic Outlet Shopping's recently launched app, Shop Chic, is the simple answer to that mind boggling question. 

The app, available for download for free via iTunes, comes with a user friendly interface, and is simple, sleek and easy on the eye. The user can select their village of choice once the app has launched, and there, in the palm of their hand, is everything they need to navigate themselves around the village via their virtual map. Once selecting 'Village Map' the user can identify exactly where they are and can easily find their way to their desired shop. 

Adding to this, the application grants users the opportunity to browse through food and beverage options; the very latest offers; guest services; and, most importantly, the premium brands present at the village. An added bonus is the 'Find My Car' tool which aids those who are prone to forgetting where they parked their vehicle in the excitement of visiting a Chic Outlet Shopping Village to find exactly where they parked.

Other exceedingly noteworthy features are the 'International Sizes' tool - very useful to those who are not familiar with differing sizes and the 'Currency Converter' tool - allowing for those who aren't familiar with the currency to keep track on what they are spending. 

Finally, for those seeking a bit of background information on their selected village, guests can read the 'About the Village' section.

As quoted within the app, "It's all in the detail when it comes to the fine art of shopping," and this app represents just that.