18 Oct 2018

Winter 2018



Welcome to the Winter issue of TTG MENA Luxury. As the seasons shift yet again, welcoming in the enchantingly captivating magic of the winter months, the ttgmena luxury team invites you to switch of an enjoy a peruse through the pages of our Winter 2018 issue. Full of the latest news, expert opinions and trend updates from across the MENA region and beyond, this issue explores the teetering balance between humanity and automation. In our exclusive GCC feature on page 14, we look at how the importance of a personal, human touch at the highest ends of the service spectrum, can make a significant difference in how business and leisure travellers experience a destination, while our dedicated Business and Corporate feature on page 18 we take a look at how, despite the emerging Millennial generation driving further tech advancements, a personal and human touch remains integral to ensuring five-star hotels stay ahead of the curve. Our Indian Ocean report on page 22 is all about family travel, wellness and authenticity; and on page 26 we chat to Vladislav Doronin, chairman and CEO of the ultr-luxury Aman hotel group, about portfolio expansion, loyal brand followers and the fact that although technology has its place on the luxury hospitality scene, it cannot and does not replace the fundamental USPs of the brand – and indeed the sector – which at their very essence are all about human interaction and personal touch. Read on. Enjoy and see you in 2019 for more luxury travel news, views and reviews.

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